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First impressions last in today's highly competitive market. It is imperative to have a powerful visual identity that holds strong in the mind's eye. At Wildfire Pro, our designers are some of the best in the industry. Our team will work with your vision to produce engaging, creative & exciting concepts that will ensure a longlasting & instantly recognisable brand.     More about Luxury Brand Development

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Wildfire Pro is a fully integrated branding agency providing cutting edge, innovative graphic design solutions across the board. Our team includes top end illustrators, graphic designers, 3d designers, photographers, web designers, copywriters and translators ensuring you are equipped with the right tools to really set your marketing strategy on fire.    
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Ninety percent of clients search online and look to your web site before making the first phone call. A good, clean, engaging web site is a must to gain the edge over competition in today's market. With over 2 decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn't. We have been providing our clients with web site designs that really work.    
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Tuesday March 26 , 2019
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Logo Design | London UK

Logo Design... Who Needs It?

The answer is simple... everyone in business needs a logo and an identity, whether you are a sole trader, or a big multi-national company, a strong brand identity is key to longevity and success.

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Furthermore, you need a logo design that is the right fit for your company. At Wildfire Pro, we like to try on your shoes and take a bit of a stroll before even starting work on your logo design. We want to understand who you are and what your company does so we can get it right the first time round. The last thing you want to do is have to re-brand your company three years down the line because your brand identity wasn't strong enough to start with! 

We all know you can get yourself a logo for 25 quid, but don't forget what you're spending money on... And what is it that you're spending your dosh on? You're spending money on your reputation, your brand and your bread 'n' butter. We certainly don't believe that you need to spend thousands of pounds on your brand identity, but we do think that your identity is super important, and worth spending a little bit of time and effort on.

What we do know is that you'll definitely always get what you pay for when it comes to logo design. Do you want a logo that reflects the ethos of your company, is competitive and professional and related to your industry, or something that has been generated by a computer programme? The choice is yours, but if you have Wildfire Pro design a logo and brand for you, you can be assured that your company will have a professional face that will give any of your competitors a run for their money... the rest is up to you! ;)

Three Reasons Why You Need A Professional Company Logo Design:

  1. To Brand Yourself! If you are a Sole Trader or a Start-up business, you really need to ensure you have an identifiable face to your company, and that comes from a good logo design and brand identity. To be remembered is to gain business, and that applies to bigger companies as well. 
  2. Trust. Clients and consumers trust companies more that have a professional face. A company that has thought about its branding shows it's serious about business, and not just a "fly-by-night" establishment.
  3. To Stand Out In Your Market Sector. By utilising clever, intuitive branding, you will quickly gain an edge over your competition. 

Why Choose Wildfire Pro For Your Logo Design?

At Wildfire Pro, we design unique, bespoke logo graphics according to each individual client's needs. Our bespoke logo design packages start at just £450, so regardless of your budget, we'll be able to help you to achieve a professional look that will get you off to the right start.

So why don't you get in touch and have a chat with one of the Wildfire Team? We'd be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Give us a call on 020 8144 4234, send us an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or fill out our online design request form today!

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